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Work methodology

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Work methodology.

The practice has allowed to go refining the methodology. Currently it is based on the following directors vectors:

• networking unit directly responsible, in time and location.

• Collaborative environments with the various actors of the building.

• Flexible structure, adaptable according to the different functions of the process.

• Knowledge sharing with Shared platforms of interdisciplinary knowledge.

• Continuous improvement, with involvement of all stakeholders.

These vectors are continuously processed in order to better respond to customer requirements. Need, Use and Lifecycle are builders building parameters.

Traditionally the process of designing and implementing the designed building was an almost linear and sequential dynamic only improved techniques original planning of an economy industrial scale applied to the construction process highlighted, with the appearance of conflicts in time and supervening costs, the different productive nature of the two sectors.

A disruptive change in the form of work allowed to develop a more flexible and adaptable to more complex requests methodological model.

The adoption of BIM technology allowed to make that change.

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