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High Speed Rail and Territory


tav 03High Speed Rail and Territory

Under the World Congress of Architects UIA in Barcelona 1996, the College of Architects of Catalonia, organized a Workshop TAV International Barcelona 96, reflection on the exchanger territorial scale and influence over the territory, when it came high speed train, AVE today at Barcelona.


It is organized and sponsored by the College of Architects of Catalunya and computer companies Hewlett-Packard and Autodesk. Curators were the architects Bruno Remoué, Leonardo Mateo, Carlos Tejada and Jorge E. Ufenast.

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The seven-day workshop had the support of the Planning Department of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in the person of Professor Ricard foot, urban planner and professor director of the Workshop, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the city of Barcelona. It was inaugurated by the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Works of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Honorable Mr. Artur Mas.


The working sessions and presentations by specialists of territorial planning, were held in the classrooms of the School of Architecture of Barcelona Politénica.

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